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Before & After

Before & After

Before: This patient has existing porcelain crowns that are chipped.
After: The same patient, with the two front teeth restored with Lumineer veneers. No freezing or grinding of the teeth were needed and the patient kept his old bridge.

Before: Replacement of metal fillings. The tooth with the old metal filling is fractured.
After: Change of metal fillings. The same tooth, restored with white (composite) fillings, using chemical bonding methods.

Before: Upper premolar implant. This patient has replaced a missing upper right tooth (mirror image here) with a titanium implant.
After: Crown on the implant. The tooth is now restored with a porcelain crown on top of the implant placed. Notice the natural appearance of the tooth.

Bleaching in progress.
Bleaching in progress.

Before: Patient is very reluctant to smile, and doesn't want to show his teeth.
Before: Note the infected and decayed front teeth.
After: Front teeth restored with bridges and crowns. Patient can not stop smiling!
After: Close up of the same smile...

Before: This was the patient's normal teeth in a natural state.
After: Teeth were restored with a combination of crowns, dentures and bridges.

Before: Old Amalgam fillings with recurrent decay.
After: After replacement with Composite fillings.

Before: Worn dentition - These teeth are worn out by excessive use in an elderly patient.
After: Worn dentition restored. All the teeth are now restored through chemical bonding with composite (white) fillings.
After: Worn Dentition - close up of the teeth after restoration.

Before: Broken down and discolored teeth. Notice the upper teeth of the patient as they all have large fillings and are a mixture of different colors and shades. The patient is always chasing a broken tooth.
After: Whole mouth reconstruction. The same patient after the teeth were restored by crowns. As a result of this treatment, the teeth are now much stronger and the patient is very happy with the appearance of her teeth.

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