Checkups & Cleanings

Preventative dental care is an important part of maintaining good health and wellbeing.

What is Preventative Dental Care?


The dental team at Saskatoon Dental Group suggests you have a full checkup every 6 months. That yearly checkup involves an inspection of your mouth and may entail X-rays as well.


We also suggest that if possible, you come see us every 6 months for a cleaning appointment. This allows us to keep your teeth and gums safe from plaque and bacteria that can harm your teeth.


Sealants are an effective preventative measure that protects your teeth from cavities. A thin coating is painted on the surface of your teeth, expecially the bumpy molars in the back of your mouth.

Our Approach to Preventative Dental Care

The Saskatoon Dental Group team is passionate about your teeth. That’s right, we want to make sure your teeth are in excellent shape – because good oral hygiene is a very important factor in for your overall health and well being. Tartar and bacteria from saliva can cling to teeth and cause inflammation leading to gum disease. That harmful bacteria can then spread through the body and result in other health issues. 

In the long term if this debris is not cleaned regularly, it can also lead to staining, tooth mobility, and the eventual loss of teeth.

Most people will need a professional cleaning at least twice a year. Some may need it much more often than that.

During a cleaning one of our dental hygienists will do a visual examination of your teeth and ask about any significant changes in your health. They will then scale and polish your teeth. This leaves your teeth clean and feeling smooth so bacteria can’t stick to them. Towards the end of your appointment, they will apply a flouride treatment to help prevent cavities. 

We like to see our patients once every 12 months however for a full checkup. This enables us to evaluate changes to your teeth, gums, and the bone supporting your teeth. We may suggest X-rays to get a good picture of what we can’t see with the naked eye or if we see something that we suspect needs further attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to floss everyday?

Yes. We suggest that you floss daily. Flossing is a critical part of your oral hyiene routine because it gets to the spots where your toothbrush can’t. Those common cavity spots are in the spaces between your teeth and close to the gumline.

What kind of toothbrush should I be using?

It is best to ask your dentist at your next appointment for their personal recommendation on a brush for your teeth. However, some general guidelines are a brush with soft bristles (be gentle with your teeth and gums), and we love our electric toothbrushes! Electric brushes are gently and effective at cleaning teeth.