Saskatoon Dental Group is a locally owned, full-scale Saskatoon dental clinic offering general dentistry services. At Saskatoon Dental Group, we are dedicated to offering excellent care to our amazing patients who are like family to us. We are grateful to treat whole families in Saskatoon across multiple generations and have a multicultural team speaking multiple languages. In our latest Saskatoon dental tip, we share tips for taking care of your toothbrush.

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Toothbrush

Proper dental hygiene has a lot to do with your toothbrush. Are you properly caring for yours? Ensure your toothbrush remains in good condition and that your teeth stay healthy with these helpful tips! 

Thoroughly Rinse It 

Rinsing your toothbrush with warm water each time you finish brushing removes saliva, bacteria, and any toothpaste from the brush. Wiping down the brush handle is important, as water and saliva run down and can create a build-up of bacteria. 

Proper Storage Is Key

Storing your toothbrush properly will help ensure the bacteria stays away! Leaving your toothbrush on the counter is not sanitary, as your bristles will retain moisture and can become contaminated. Instead, always store your toothbrush upright so that it can air out and dry out between uses.  

Know When It Is Time For A Replacement 

We know that new toothbrushes feel strange at first, but new is necessary! For toothbrushes to properly do their job, the bristles need to be clean and straight. Worn-out toothbrushes with bristles that are frayed, bent, or stained won’t do. 

These helpful tips will ensure you are taking care of your toothbrush. If you are uncertain as to which type of toothbrush is right for you? Our expert team at Saskatoon Dental Group can provide a recommendation so you can keep up those great brushing habits! 

Remember that good oral health habits start at home and we encourage you to visit us once a year for a full checkup and examination. Oral health is closely tied to your overall health and wellness and often we can identify issues before they become problems.

We are always welcoming patients looking for a new dental family. If you would like to book a checkup or if you have any dental questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We hope we fully explained why you shouldn’t skip your dental check-ups!

See you soon!

The Saskatoon Dental Group Team


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