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What is Restorative Dental Care?


A filling is required when you have a cavity on a tooth. A white or composite filling (used more commonly now than metal fillings) is used when the cavity is small enough that the majority of the tooth is still undamaged. 


A crown is when the tooth is too damaged for a filling but also doesn’t need to be fully extracted. The enamel of the tooth is shaved down so that a porcelain cover can be glued over top. This cover mimics your tooth structure and fits snugly in your mouth alongside your other teeth.

Root Canals

Your dentist will recommend a root canal when your tooth has deep decay and the soft tissue or pulp in your tooth has become infected. Often this infection causes pain and the root canal will not only stop that but also allows you to keep your natural tooth by completely removing the infection for good.

Our Approach to Restorative Dental Care

We know that even though you practice good oral health habits, you may still require a filling or another form of tooth restoration. While decay can result in pain inside your mouth, teeth that are worn down can offset your bite and lead to other problems like jaw pain and difficulty chewing foods.

In fact there are many reasons why your dentist will suggest restorative options:

  • To fill gaps between your teeth
  • To prevent the complete loss of a tooth
  • To repair damaged, decaying, or missing teeth
  • To improve your bite


Fillings are a routine procedure at Saskatoon Dental Group and our team is focused on ensuring you are comfortable and pain free. We start by applying a numbing gel to the are where we need to ‘freeze’ so we can fill your cavity quickly and easily. After the procedure you can expect the freezing to wear off within a couple of hours without any residual effects.

Root Canals

Root Canals are a slightly longer procedure than a filling but is essential when a tooth is on the verge of dying. The treatment involves removing the nerves, bacteria, and the decay and the leftover space is filled with a special dental material. Root canal therapy restores the tooth back to its normal function and lasts a lifetime!


A Crown usually also requires local anesthetic. This treatment involves digital scanning of your teeth and fabrication of the crown in the laboratory. It works with your existing teeth and matches your bite. It is a process that is completed in two appointments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I replace my metal fillings with white ones?

We don’t recommend prophylactically replacing healthy old metal (amalgam) fillings; they have had a long and reliable track record. Of course if you have any issues and concerns with an existing filling, please do discuss with your denist. White filling material is an option for any teeth needing new fillings.

Is a root canal painful?

Root canal therapy itself is not painful. We administer freezing to the area and ensure you cannot feel anything before we begin the treatment. Some patients have mild pain after that is treated quite easily with painkillers but that pain does not last long. We know that a root canal can sound like a very major (and scary) process, but we do our best to ensure you understand what we are doing at each step and that the procedure is as pain free and comfortable as possible.