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Check ups & Cleaning

Stay on top of your oral health and identify any potential trouble spots before they become larger problems.


Our team employs a variety of techniques to restore your smile.

Pediatric Dentistry

We believe in creating an excellent experience for our young patients that is based on trust.

Bridges & Implants

We do single tooth replacements to full mouth extraction.


Saskatoon Dental Group is a supplier of Invisalign orthodontic appliances.

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Surgeries & Extractions

We are able to complete both simple and complicated extractions that are pain free.

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We post regular articles on oral care topics, take a look, maybe we have answered your burning questions about TEETH!

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About the Group

Saskatoon Dental Group is committed to making you feel as comfortable and safe as possible. We want you to enjoy visiting us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you direct bill my insurance company?

It dpeends on whether your insurance plan allows for direct billing by the dentist. If so, then we can direct bill the insurance company. However we will need all necessary information from you to do this.

The friendly admin staff here at Saskatoon Dental Group are more than happy to assist you with this and know what they need from you to process the billing through most insurance providers.

We do require your valid credit card on file to direct bill for your treatment.

Do you have emergency/after hours service?

We do have a member of our office on call outside regular business hours to assist you with dental emergencies. Your specific emergency will determine the course of action taken to assist you.

If you have extreme facial swelling or have had teeth broken due to trauma, please go directly to your nearest emergency room for assistance.