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Oral surgery procedures and tooth extractions.

Saskatoon Dental Group Oral Surgery & Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Likely the most common type of tooth extraction is wisdom tooth extraction. This involves the removal of one or all of the 4 teeth at the very back of your mouth, behind your molars.

Single/Multiple Tooth Extraction

There are some instances where a single tooth needs to be removed. Perhaps its decaying and we are making room for its replacement? Or a tooth has to be removed to make room for orthodontics procedures.

Gum Grafting

Your whole mouth health is important to your dentist including your gums that play an important role in supporting and protecting your teeth. Gum grafting is a procedure to repair recessed gums that are exposing the sensitive nerves and tissue to infection.

Our Approach

The philosophy of Saskatoon Dental Group is to consider and treat the patient as a whole, not just one tooth at a time. This means when it comes to something like the extraction of teeth or oral surgery; we engage with other experts as needed.

While we can remove wisdom teeth in our office, if upon examination we see the procedure may be complicated and require a specialist – we will arrange a consultation with one and work closely with them on our patient’s behalf.

This is the same for any surgical option. If we believe that the input of another health care partner would be beneficial in determining a treatment plan, we will engage their expertise. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do my wisdom teeth have to be removed?

Not necessarily. Those teeth are powerful chewing teeth and if they are not bothersome, they may be able to stay. Keep in mind they are often so far back, they are hard to keep clean. Brushing and flossing that far back isn’t easy and without proper care, those teeth very susceptible to decay. If your wisdom teeth are causing you any pain or discomfort, then speak with your dental professional so they can determine the best treatment plan.

What can I expect when recovering from the removal of my wisdom teeth?

If your wisdom teeth represent a simple extraction, your experience will be pain free. You will receive freezing to numb the area and then the teeth will be removed. Aftercare is very important as a blood clot has too form in the empty space to allow it to heal. We will provide you with instructions after an extraction.