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August 22nd Is Tooth Fairy Day!

On August 22nd, celebrate Tooth Fairy Day! Tooth Fairy Day can be a great opportunity to focus on the importance of dental hygiene. Read on to discover reasons to love Tooth Fairy Day, as well as some creative ways your family can celebrate. 

Reasons to Love Tooth Fairy Day: 

  • Excitement in Children

Children love the excitement of receiving gifts, especially when they are from the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny. Watching the joy children experience when the Tooth Fairy leaves a gift in exchange for their lost tooth is so fun and heartwarming.

  • The Fun of Folklore

For years, fairytales have stood the test of time and enchanted both children and adults all around the world. The Tooth Fairy has proven to be a timeless legend that will be around for generations to come.

  • It makes losing a tooth less painful

When you are a child, losing a tooth can be a scary experience. Knowing the Tooth Fairy will visit makes it worth the pain, helping children cope and making it easier on adults. Thanks Tooth Fairy!

Ways You and Your Family Can Celebrate Tooth Fairy Day: 

Any parent knows how hard it can be to sneak your hand under a pillow and not wake the sleeping child lying on top of it. Having a tooth fairy pillow or container makes it easier for the tooth fairy and prevents tiny teeth from getting lost.

  • Have a healthy tooth movie night.

Replace sugary sweets with healthier options and enjoy a tooth themed movie! “Tooth Fairy” is full of laughs and is a flick the whole family will enjoy.

  • Read a book and talk about teeth.

Help your child understand the importance of dental hygiene by reading a tooth book. “Just Going To The Dentist” by Mercer Meyer is a great option.

  • Take care of your teeth!

Though this should be done every day, let Tooth Fairy day inspire you to brush and floss those pearly whites until they sparkle again.

    Remember that good oral health habits start at home and we encourage you to visit us once a year for a full checkup and examination. Oral health is closely tied to your overall health and wellness and often we can identify issues before they become problems.

    We are always welcoming patients looking for a new dental family. See you soon!

    The Saskatoon Dental Group Team